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Summary of Law

125.130. Decree of divorce final and absolute; duties of court concerning social security numbers of parties; order changing name of wife
  1. A judgment or decree of divorce granted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter is a final decree.

  2. Whenever a decree of divorce from the bonds of matrimony is granted in this State by a court of competent authority, the decree fully and completely dissolves the marriage contract as to both parties.

  3. A court that grants a decree of divorce pursuant to the provisions of this section shall ensure that the social security numbers of both parties are placed in the records relating to the matter and, except as otherwise required to carry out a specific statute, maintained in a confidential manner.

  4. In all suits for divorce, if a divorce is granted, the court may, for just and reasonable cause and by an appropriate order embodied in its decree, change the name of the wife to any former name which she has legally borne.